Dozen of Adventures for 2012: A Year Ender

It’s a stormy night and I’m stuck in my oldies’ home an unpopular island belonging to the province of Masbate until the public storm signal is lifted. It’s not that I don’t like it here, but there seems to be a lot of stuff back in Manila that’s worrying and stressing me out. So to get my mind of it, allow me some nostalgia and take a look at how our 2012 progressed though we haven’t fully met the targets set at the start of the year.
This year, I was able to explore more and travel and spend more time with Teloyskie and Baba. I also had first time experiences which highlighted my dozen of adventures for the year.
My Teloyskie, My No. 1
As resolved early this year, I spent more time with Teloyskie. Still the sweetest, most thoughtful and handsomest boy for mommy, he makes going around Manila more fun and carefree. Blame it on the easy and quirky imagination of a child. But his childlike wisdom do makes sense and sometimes sets everything right for a confused and worried mom.
Viaje Ticao: Braving the Stormiest Seas for Teloyskie’s Graduation

After eight years, I came back to where I discovered my love for travelling. Both my parents are from the island of Ticao, Masbate and as early as my college years I can travel there on my own. This time though, the seas scared me witless as a “subasco” pounded the lancha while were in the middle of Ticao Pass. But a medal on Teloyskie’s kindergarten graduation day made the trip all worthwhile.

Teloyskie’s Circles: Quezon City Memorial Circle
Mom and Teloyskie’s short vacay to Manila and an unforgettable park adventure in Quezon City Memorial Circle. Teloyskie could not stop talking about “the park” for months!

Albay Parks and Wildlife: Boy’s Day Out
Baba’s entry to Teloyskie’s life was smooth and easy with only a short skirmish that led to shooting on their first meeting. Teloyskie then embraced the fact that Tito Choy will be around for a long long time. 
Teloyskie’s Marine Life Encounter
Something that Teloyskie had been waiting to experience. A first for Mom, me and Teloyskie J

Romancing the Roads
A series of small trips while Baba was on a 4-month hiatus from his role as “bagong bayani.” Back in 2010, his interest was piqued by the adventures I made for myself, and the shyly requested to join me which I gamely agreed to. So small things led to another and after a stormy 2011 story for us, we’re back on track romancing the roads to togetherness (choooz!!)
Baler: Surf and Magic
As early as March, Ate Ana and Mela asked me about surfing in Baler. I’ve never been there so I was pretty much excited about joining them. This is also the first trip Baba and I had together and a part of the “24 Dates” I prepared while he waits for his repatriation and we both were looking forward to completing.

Our Super Sagada Stories

Before we met, Baba talked about going to Sagada when comes home for a vacation in July 2011. It was our first time to spend time together and no major trips was realized. After months of emotional rollercoaster ride, our Sagada sojourn pushed through making way for even more challenges and discoveries about each other’s personalities and traits that endeared us to each other even more.

B for Baguio: A Sweet Escape to the City of Pines

One spontaneous trip that swallowed a chunk from our dwindling budget yet another great chance to get to know more of each other. Explored the City of Pines and tasted its delightful treats! Also realized Baba’s travel pattern – he gets sick (fever and flu) every after a trip is concluded.
Boracay Bonding: Coming to Terms with Real Road Hazards
He says this is not his favorite trip – because of my freak accident on the ATV. But who can ever resist the sultry beauty of Boracay sunset? 

All in A Day’s Work!
Last 2011, work related trips gave me my first taste of Mindanao and a classy resort casino in Pampanga. For this year, I got to explore new places that I never really thought I’d able to set foot.
Hundred Islands
My first out of town/team-building/lakwatsa with my office family. Thanks to Boss Z for making this trip possible.

Eastern Visayas Randomness

Work and Leisure. Glad to be part of the team that flew to Legazpi and rolled to Samar-Leyte for some field work. Grateful to have a considerate team leader who went out of his way to drive us around Tacloban(his hometown), and equally thankful to the warm hospitality of my colleague who made sure that I fully enjoyed my stay in Biliran

Thrills and Frills
Part of my 2012 adventure is getting to know Baba more.
24: Cheap Thrills and Corny Frills

We were not able to complete the “24 Dates” we have set but we gained so much more with each new discovery and experience that we had together. 

Kota Kinabalu: 3 Days for 3 Months
Why Malaysia Baba? Because it’s close and you can fly to me anytime. For his 6-month contract, I get the privilege to visit him for 3 days every 3 months we’re away from each other. This is also my first ever to set foot in a foreign land, one target I’ve set for 2012 that Baba easily made possible. 

All in all, 2012 has been good to us and we wouldn’t change any part of it. Despite unending issues, I’m happy for the positive influences that Baba and I shared each other. We’re looking forward to more adventures for 2013!