Travel Essentials on Our Christmas Wishlist!

Me and Teloy are not hard to please. We love surprises and we love gifts, but of course there are yearnings for days on the road and the feeling of excitement of being in a new place. This is probably why most of the gifts we wish for this year are travel related.

A Smaller Backpack
Most of our trips these days are limited to weekends and a few days during school breaks. My trusty ol’ TNF Borealis has been with me for eight years, for more or less 30 Philippine provinces, around six mountains including Mt. Kinabalu, the highest in Southeast Asia. I feel that it’s a little too big for our small trips recently since Teloyskie have also started packing and carrying his own things. A smaller backpack like the 22-liter Spider for mommy and a bit bigger pack for Teloyskie are travel necessities that makes it on top of our wish list this year.
A Lightweight (Fleece) Jacket
I’ve been thinking about taking Teloyskie up north to experience the cold weather in Baguio City this holiday break, well if the budget permits. When I checked my closet, I realize that I don’t have a jacket for such kind of weather. I have two waterproof jackets, a light hoodie jacket and a cardigan, all of which may leave me freezing me ass off at a sudden drop of the temperature.
Packable Pants for Boys
Here in our province, you will rarely find travel gears or apparels. I have to look online to find durable hiking and travel apparel for kids. We are always on the lookout for affordable packable trek pants for Teloyskie so this item gets a spot on our wish list.

rei convertible pants for boys
A (Backpacking) Tent
I took Teloy on a beach camping for his first backpacking trip and he never forgot the experience. These days, he would talk about camping and sleeping on a tent and he would frequently reminisce about his experience. So as early as now, I’m planning to rough it out next summer and maybe take him for some more camping trips if get a tent of our own!


Luggage/Backpack Tags
I have a Bag Tag that looks like it has seen better days. Teloyskie’s tags on the other hand doesn’t have that durable strap and most of them tags got lost because those strap snapped and got broken. It’s just about time to get something more reliable and updated. 


I recently gifted Teloyskie with his very own cellular phone so Daddy can contact him anytime they’re missing each other. His phone also became his game console especially during long trips. So a powerbank is an essential need for our travels. We got our Xiaomi Powerbank which packs a whooping 10400 mAh from his godfather yey!