Mom’s Moonlighting Marvels: Scraping Up Funds to Feed Our Wanderlist

My world of constant jetsetting, took on a slow turn when Baba, my home-buddy life partner arrived and the little tot was not so little anymore.

That day when we decided to settle down and took parenting on a serious note, I realized that trips would no longer be on the extreme cheapskates,boisterous, rowdy side. My travels will now be on the more subtle, a little fancier than the rucksack strapping style and will prolly be centered on comfort and safety especially with my boys. Travel now also means that my usual travel expenses will be tripled, and if I want to travel I have to perfect budgeting and do moonlighting marvels to scrape funds to fuel our wanderlust.

Aside from using the Envelop System of Budgeting, which I still have to master, I have here a list of moonlighting marvels which has given us enough budget to make weekend misadventures possible for us three.

Garage Sale/Closet Clean Up

kiss garage
Kiss Garage

I didn’t fully realized how much stuff we already own until I moved back here in Bicol. When we were about to transfer to our new pad, Baba was amazed that we have lots of clothes and knick knacks packed away in boxes and drawers. Our relaxed and sedentary lifestyle along with delish foods here in the province have caused us to grow out of many of our clothes. On the other hand, Teloyskie is growing like a weed so most of his stuff no longer fit him. I have been posting and selling used stuff through Ebay even before we settled here and now, I’ve opened a page called “KISS Garage” maybe gain back a little something from items we once treasured. Everything we earn from our garage sale goes straight to our travel fund envelop.

Facilitating/Lectures/Public Speaking


I never imagined that I can earn a little something from these stints. As an information officer, conducting lectures, facilitate workshop/seminars is a part of my job. But during weekends when some school or office requests for your services beyond work days or office hours, they would offer a small allowance for the time and effort. Speaking in public is one of my weaknesses but being pushed to do it as part of the job made me swallow down the tightness every time I stand in front of an audience. Seeing kids, students and having an audience that genuinely listens and are thoroughly wrapped up in what I’m discussing is enough encouragement that I am doing a fine job of something that I’ve always been scared of.

Online Writing

Started writing in 2006 just to try it out and I haven’t stopped since. I write because it was an outlet of the things I feel. I write not because I was any good at it, but I know that if I continue to write I will get better at it. I write because I love to. I may lack confidence with my work sometimes and getting recognition for “best research paper,” or “wonderfully written articles” still come as a shock but I know that this is my craft and I will continue to muster it.

Most of our travel fund come from the savings spare and the income generated from my freelance online writing. I have to thank my clients for continuously believing in me and for understanding my limitations. Baba used to tell me to lessen the assignments I take from the clients so that I can have more time for rest and relaxation with them, but soon my boys realize that writing is my way of relaxing thus they would give me leeway to quietly work on articles for our blog and for our clients.