Journey to Savannah: A Birth Story

It’s been a while since I posted here in our blog. I slacked for a few months, enjoying yet experiencing pain and the difficulties of having a babe on the way. Last year, when we discovered that we are expecting, we are ecstatic. Baba and Kuya Teloy has been waiting forever for another little one in the family. Kuya wanted to have a little brother but if we get a little girl its okay with him.


A week after discovering my pregnancy, we have a scheduled trip to Kuala Lumpur, Melaka and Singapore. Back then, I was only five weeks, our doctor gave us a go signal so I was confident to backpack for eight days with Kuya Teloy. We were extra careful but during our trip home, I had some spotting which signaled a bad sign for my pregnancy. Soon as we got back, we consulted with the doctor and I was ordered to bed rest for two weeks.

The next couple of months went by in daze. I was constantly sick and throwing up even at two in the morning. My weight dropped and I look haggard all the time. Baba had to leave for another country and start working in the midst of all the horrible pregnancy symptoms that I was going through. But finally, I started feeling better on the fifth month.

20 weeks

We discovered we are having a girl on the sixth month and our excitement grew even more. It was quite challenging now to have a kid and be pregnant but Kuya Teloy was very sweet and has become very responsible for mommy and the baby. As weeks passed and we neared the D-day, we all became restless and impatient with waiting.

It was a Friday on my 38th week when something weird happened. I woke up at 5AM with wet pajamas and underwear but I shrugged it off thinking I just peed on myself. After changing I went back to sleep and I woke up again at 7AM with the same dilemma. I shrugged it off again, prolly just some discharge. But I called the office to inform that I cannot go to work and I will have the ultrasound which my OB requires for my check up the following day.

It was already 10AM when I arrived at the Ultrasound center and the receptionist informed me that the Sonologist would no longer accept another patient that morning and I should just come back at 3PM. I decided to go to another hospital with UTZ facility and was again advised to return at 1:30PM. So I went home, had my lunch and commuted back to the hospital for my ultrasound. The sonologist confirmed the baby’s gender and assured me that she is just the right size for her age. My bump looked quite large for my petite frame because I have a lot of water which is kind of good news too.

After the ultrasound, I decided to go to my OB to ask about the “wet pajamas” earlier that day. It was already three in the afternoon when I arrived at her clinic, and she was instantly worried after hearing my story. She said it must already be my water bag that’s leaking and if it had been continuously leaking all day, I might already by drying out. I showed her the ultrasound result and she checked my cervix. I was already three cm dilated and Doc said I should be admitted.

There was no pain nor contractions felt since that first leak at five in the morning so I never thought I was already in labor. I told Doc I have to go home first to get my things and make arrangements with my mom, sis and house help with regards to Kuya Teloy and my companion to the hospital. I was back in the hospital at five in the afternoon.

Soon as I was admitted, Doc immediately give orders to the nurses and ensured that I was attended to. She wanted to have me inside the delivery room ASAP because she is worried that my water might change color already and distress the baby. She asked again if I was feeling any pain or contractions, which I answered none. She said she will induce me to hasten my labor and dilation, so I should brace myself for the pain.

At 5:30PM I was already in the delivery room, they gave me some test shots of the medications that they will use. At 5:45PM, I was given something that will induce labor and the pain and contractions started. Doc seemed to have a calming effect on us because every time she comes near and touches my belly, the contractions and pain would subside. She decided to take her dinner at around 6:45PM and asked one of the nurses to attend to me. While Doc was out, the contractions kept coming in and the pain was becoming unbearable. I was already writhing in pain when she came back at 7:15 PM.

Doc asked if I feel like pooping already, she said I can start pushing if I do. She became excited when she checked and I was already 9 cm dilated and coaxed me to push. The room suddenly become noisy with Doc giving orders to the nurses and then to me on how to push properly. She seemed very excited with the baby that is about to be born. And with one long push and a yell, the baby came out like a slippery fish. Savannah Therese was born at 7:30 PM of July 8, 2016.


I saw her back and butt as they placed her in my tummy. Everything was blurry now and I was willing myself to drift off to oblivion after the pushing ordeal but I couldn’t. I felt everything then, the stitches and the cleaning up which I think was worst than the labor itself! How I wish that I was unconscious when it was all happening like when I had Kuya Teloy years ago.


I was awake until I was wheeled to my room, til the nurses check on me and until baby was brought to my side. I was awake until Baba called to ask if it was painful. If I had the energy I could have had a row with him to tell him exactly what “painful” is!


I looked at how perfectly beautiful she is. Us three decided on calling her Savannah, like the rich land of the Safaris, the treeless plain where a river flows and life flourishes. She’d sure remind us of soft sunrise and fiery sunsets, of wildflowers, of being young and carefree.

Every birth story is different, but yes it is always exciting, infectious and encouraging. I could not help but compare my birthing experience with Kuya Teloy’s to Savannah’s but each one is special. The pain was momentary but the joy of receiving life’s miracle is endless.