Reading, Thinking and Planning

My mom always considered me the layas, the lakwtsera and sometimes she even thinks that I might not settle down despite having a son. I know I would someday, maybe until I tame my wanderlust. I know it’s not anytime soon but I will.

In my 29 years, I didn’t have a lot of achievements nor savings. I can consider myself as a live-for the moment gal. I know how to enjoy life and face my issues. Because of this, a lot of people think that I’m tough – yes I also think so, but there are cases when I have a hard time convincing myself that I am indeed tough. And over the years, I found that I enjoyed my time alone travelling as I contemplate on the things that I have experienced, observed and felt.
I’ve blogging as an outlet to steam off, to have a venue for my excitement and experiences with my son and for a many other reasons. While I enjoy writing and earning during my free time, I also started reading, and the more I read about travel journals and experience by fellow Filipinas who also loved travelling, I realized that I too wanted to write like that… yes, the blogs I follow got me more inspired and motivated to recount my lakwatsa moments. The blogs like Nina Fuente’s or NoSpamNoVirusNoKidding and SoleSisters‘ blog have encouraged me to go on and scratch the itch – to travel, to discover and simply to experience.
So, even with my spontaneous nature, I am now trying to plan things out – possible trips, moonlighting, how i can travel around with my son during his school vacations and others… and I’ve started it with one big step, getting my passport for the first time and I’ll be receiving it on Monday! Yahoo!

Musings: Motivating Words for a Proscrastinating Blogger

hoping to find more time to update my blog..
our office now has a server – internet speed is controlled, as well as 100% of sites i know are blocked off. (what’s the use of paying for a broadband now?)
hoping to earn more, and just buy myself a laptop and subscribe to smartbro wireless.

okay more than work –
i hope i can find sometime to finish the book i just bought – twilight! (super late na to read this)
been hearing a lot of reviews, even got the 4 ebooks of the series. i really think i’m beginning to be a fanatic.


but really… hope i can put in more time in day.
more time to spend with teloy..
more time to enjoy everything that life has to offer..

Blogging and Money Matters

(A video clip from the Filipino TV Program “Mel and Joey”. Filipinos Bloggers are making money!)
I’ve known blogging as an online and hi-tech way of keeping a diary. Most people are exposed to computers and the internet everyday. There are also webpages, profiles and social networking sites that offer free use of their services. Friendster, Multiply, Myspace and a lot others, there are even top social networking sites for each country. Aside from profile pages, these also offer the use of blogpages where wyou can write about anything under the sun.

Why would these networking sites do us this favor for? Its because their earning from it. And we too can earn as they do. Aside from your personal profiles, there are also ads from paying advertisers on blogsites offered by these networking sites.

I’ve been keeping a blog of my own for some time now. Only been writing about personal experiences and thoughts, just like a real diary. The idea of posting ads from Google was introduced by a friend of mine. Wow, really? My blog can pay off with just the ads? Surely, it was easly signing up and putting the ads on my blog site. As I understand it then, advertisers would pay me apart of their earnings when other views my blog, click on the ads and most especially when someone buys from them. The problem for me now is that, not a lot of people come and visits my page… a really big challege for me.

Luckily, a message from that same friend claimed that I can actually earn even without people clicking and buying from the ads on my blog. The thing is, though I can’t really describe the technicalities of it, and as simply as i can explain, one could earn with only the visits or impressions made by people on your blog site.

As a single mom, I am in dire need of rackets and other sources of income. Having the advantage of using a computer and internet daily, i am also exposed to opportunities such as paid fora, paid emails, paid reviews (haven’t tried this yet though =P) and of course blogging. Why not then grab the chance to earn additional income? You guys should start you blogging too. Who knows, we might be earning as much as the top earners in blogging soon. Good luck to us!

freakin’ mad!

its one of those days that seem to be the total opposite of yesterday.

we had great time at the office, nothing too serious and stressful. jokes there, sheiks of laughter here. it was a relaxed, non-stress non-pressure day for us. the presentation turned out to be a total success even if its early in the morning, people truly enjoyed it. maybe that was why the whole day vibrated with happy energies, making most if not all people lay back and share a joking moment for the whole day.

before it really end, i though about what will tomorrow bring me after having such a happy day today? then came this day, the tomorrow that i was thinking about. its not fine, in fact its a day that seemed to be ruined even from the start. having discovered lies and blames being pointed at me, and having an argument turned into a full blown fight. a fight that’s not even worth the time and energy coz i realize that its been sapping my energies before the argument even started. its not worth it, he’s not worth it.

im blogging it!

are you also affected by weather conditions? i think i sometimes mirror what the sky outside is showing, i am feeling… its really quite gloomy today, no sun but no rain too.. just plain cloudy, grey skies with a bit of wind. the kind that really makes people bored and sleepy.

i like rainy days and sunny days too. but today with the gloomy grey skies over head, i feel like as if i don’t have the energy to even type in my keyboard much more go on about and do routine work here in the office.

there’s music playing, old alternative from filipino artist, mixed up with easy foreign rn’b, totally making this day lazy. with boss gone and nothing to do?

good thing there’s blogging! now even im really lazy, my hands and thoughts can still do something for me. aside from constantly checking on my friendster, multiply, and chatting with “makulit cousins” i have something to do now. but starting this blogging thing is not really as easy as i thought. there’s the topic to consider and the content which i am finding hard to write about. anyway i think this is a good start… my day is starting to get more okay and the laziness is disappearing bit by bit as hours pass.

maybe later i can write something better than this!