5 Local Summer Hot Spots For the Adventure Seekers

Summer vacation is just a few weeks away and while some people have started planning early on, others are still undecided where to go. Here are some of our favorites  that you can consider and why we are suggesting them.

1. Baler

People flock to Baler for the clean surf break in Sabang Beach and the thrill of surfing at Cemento Beach and Charlie’s Point. Considered to be the birthplace of surfing in the Philippines, you can find all sorts of accommodation lining up Sabang Beach. Beyond surfing, Baler is rich in culture, history and natural wonders.

2. Bicol

Of course, I love my own region. Bicol is composed of six provinces and each one
offers a different kind of thrill for the adventure seekers. Explore the lovely islands and crystal blue waters of Calaguas in Camarines Norte, Caramoan in Camarines Sur and Tikling in Sorsogon. Adrenaline junkies can try out wake boarding in CamSur Watersports Complex, surf in Bagasbas Beach in Cam Norte or try out the ATV ride to Mayon Lava Front. Bicol is also popular for its culinary expo featuring hot and spicy dishes. Do try out the Chili Ice Cream!

3. Boracay

Many people complain about Boracay being too crowded especially during the summer months, but still you really can’t say no to this beautiful island paradise. I am much awed by its powdery white sands and crystal blue temperate waters. When in Boracay, you’ll find all the adventure you want and need. Head to Bulabog Beach for some hot water sports such as kite boarding and jet skiing. You can also try parasailing and other group activities such as banana boat ride. And for us, nothing beats the sunset view in Boracay.

4. Palawan

Why not Palawan? I’ve visited Palawan twice at the height of summer and love it both times. Coron is located on the northern Calamian group of islands. Island hopping and snorkeling in Coron gives you the best views of tall limestone karsts and the colorful marine life under the waters. On the other hand, flying to Puerto Princesa gives you the option to explore the country’s greenest city or head to other hot destinations such as El Nido or to Sabang beach which is the jump off point to the Underground River.

5. Sagada

Sagada is a town you will surely fall in love with.  The weather is cool and you are provided with scenic landscapes and mountain views around you. Adventure seekers will not be disappointed with this charming town up north. The Cave Connection will deplete all your energy in a pumping 4-hour cave exploration adventure. Your hiking and trekking activities will also be rewarded with magnificent and powerful waterfalls such as the Bomod-ok and Pongas.

5 Things to Do in Boracay Island this Summer!


Ah summer… Just two weeks ago, I can still feel a chill in the air, but now it’s suddenly scorching hot, a clear manifestation that summer season have started early. Here in the Philippines, Boracay is a popular destination for beach bummer these hot summer months. I’ve been lucky to set foot in this lovely island twice in the past years and it definitely has a lot to offer for different sorts of travelers and tourist. So here’s my top 5 list of to do’s when you’re in the hot island of Boracay!

1. Be Sporty – Try out Water Sports


The first time I was here, I was with my dragon boat team and I did not do anything but paddle and drink. We trained, rowed and competed during the day and they got drunk at night night with those guys who flew in via Air Canada. But yes, Boracay is the place to learn and play the hottest water or summer sports because they are easily accessible and conveniently available for anybody interested. There’s kite surfing in Bulabog beach, paddle boarding, PARA-SAILING!, dragon boat competitions and a long list of sports and water activities you can try out!

2. Indulge: Eat!!

When in Boracay, do eat at places that you can only find in Boracay. Both times I was there I tried Jammer’s gigantic burger (we’ve cut it into four parts!), Backyard Barbeque and the popular Jonah’s fruit shakes. You’d never go hungry in this island with it’s unending list of food options. 
3. Soak in the Sun: Be Beach Bum

Summer is synonymous with lazy days and hot party nights. People in this island wake up a bit later into the day to lounge around in the beach, people watch (celebrity stalk I say), become human espasol and for pale skinned – to get a tan! A beach blanket, a bottle of water, sun tan or sunblock, nice reggae music and a good book in hand completes the beach bummer’s armada!

4. Party Like there’s No Tomorrow!

Boracay is not called the Party island for nothing! After admiring the sultry sunset view that the island is popularly known for, people head off to change into their party attire and prepare for a vibrating night of music and booze. Boracay is home to some of the best beach parties in the country, there the Summer Place, Juice, Paraw Station and Cocomangas to name a few. You can’t stay here a few days without a taste of the night scene!

Photos: AF, Tripadvisor, Flicker

5. Sigh to the Sunset

This is probably my most favorite activity while in Boracay. I have always been amazed by the beauty of the sunrise especially when I’m up in the mountains, but sunsets can truly take one’s breath away when you’re down at the beach – Boracay to be exact. Watching the sunset is one thing that you should never miss when in Boracay. It’s fiery, sultry and romantic and it’s one of the most beautiful sights you can share with a loved one. 

Issues about Boracay being overcrowded is something that can easily turn travelers off. But despite coming here on the peak season – April and May, Boracay remains to be one of my favorite beach destinations. It’s not for the parties and the night life, I didn’t try it on both times I was here, but for it’s legendary white sand, cool waters that is soo inviting and of course – the sunset.

A Grateful Year: Recount of My 2011

Last year, I came up with a year end review of my 2010. It had been a year of balanced good and bad experiences, and 2011 started really good for me. Now it is over, and as I recount my experiences, I’m shocked at how busy the year was for me.

2011 started with so much gratefulness in my heart, and it has ended with so much more. A recent facebook status from a friend said “Grateful people get more than what they are grateful for” a passage from Bo Sanchez made me realize how true it is for my 2011.

I made a list of goals for 2011 and so far, I’ve successfully met some of them.

Yes, I was able to build stronger family ties. an added bonus was, a close tie with my 2nd family as well – my co-workers. and for the later part of the year, an even stronger bond with my high school and college tropa (10years and counting).

Yes, I am finally debt-free!! Though most of what I’ve earned for this year went to paying accumulated debts for the past 2 years, I was able to manage and still live well over what’s left.

No, I wasn’t able to finish DPM 🙁

No, I wasn’t able to climb Mt. Apo. 🙁

No, I still did not learn to ride a bike!!

But, yes I came back to writing. I finally got my back on track and found clients who recognize good work and compensate well. yipee! 🙂

Then, I remember making a top 3 travel wish list for 2011, missed out 1 but was able to have more!

Sta. Cruz Dragonboat Exhibition Race March 2011.
Photo by Mr. Abet Lagula
AQ at BIDBF. Photo by Mr. Abet Lagula

It all started with a busy racing schedule on March. All the training was put to good use as my team Aqua Fortis joined in several racing events for the summer. Then there’s the Sta. Cruz exhibition race and the Boracay International Dragonboat Festival which brought me to yesssssssssss Bora for the first time!!!

It was a wow experience for me setting foot in the beautiful island of Boracay for the first time. And though this trip was spent mostly on the boat, I still loved it – just feeling the sand on my toes and seeing crystal blue waters each morning is divine! I made a promise to go spend some time here again soon.

Then just two weeks after, I flew to Puerto Princesa, Palawan with my most dear friends. An experience that brought us together again after many years. It also gave us a chance to bond and talk about how things had been going, how things are going on at the moment and how things will be in the future.

We were able to visit the different islands off honda bay and swam and snorkel our hearts out at Snake Island and Pandan Islands.

It was the highlight of the mid year and summer season for me. It was apparent with my skin color how much I enjoyed the sun and beaches for the summer of 2011!

The Palawan trip also brought me to one of the world’s Natural Wonders – the Underground River in Sabang, Palawan. I was very lucky to have visited this place at least once in my life and I am also putting this on would-visit-back-with-teloy trips one day soon.

This trip concluded the first half of my 2011. For the month of June, work started to get busy, and I seriously wanted to get my flawless (yes, flawless!) skin back so I took a rest from rowing.

July came in and ended with an unexpected surprise. It was something that gave spice to my single-lifehood and had a bittersweet ending. Still, I’m giving it (or him) another chance and so the future looks brighter with renewed fate and beliefs.

 August came in heavy in emotion and a sudden urge to escape. The long awaited trip to Sagada and my goal of crossing out the first on my top 3 travel wish list loomed ahead, but typhoon Mina got in the way and gave me an unplanned sojourn in the cold and typhoon drenched city of Baguio.

Maybe it wasn’t really time for me to get to know Sagada yet. So I’m putting it yet again on my top travel wish list for 2012.

September took a dragging. Though nobody noticed it at work, I took advantage of the company and the time spent with my co-workers.

Their support was a tangible thing, not spoken but sincerely felt. And so I was very much grateful. Part of my September was the day trip to Silang Cavite and Tagaytay.

view of Mt. Mayon from the
2nd flr of Embarcadero

And, still experiencing that emotional turmoil, being okay and not okay, I seek refuge in the comfort of being with my son, Teloyskie. I took a vacation home and came back to work with a vengeance.

When October came in, everything was set 
on a roller coaster ride. My “home” project started, as well as a food trip saga. I’ve been wanting to move into another apartment for the longest time, and the search started for this month. Along with it was some amazing food discoveries. 

The burger project in Maginhawa St. in Teacher’s village allowed me to customize my burger and gave me my first  taste of blueberry milk shake.

This also made me work on gaining weight so people around me started taking me dining and food tasting. But still I was more into coffee tasting and how I love meet ups with fellow Aquababes Debie and Osh at Toastbox for a cup of skinny coffee!

Work also became demanding along with a new and demanding boss. Busy could not completely describe how this month was, then it ended with a work related trip to Fontana Leisure park in Pampanga. 

November was a blast! This month took me to my top 2 travel wish list for 2011 – Davao. Though it was a rush 48 hour experience, it was still a trip that took me to the southern part of the country – Mindanao!

It was a busy work-related trip but we were also able to go around the souvenir shops suggested at the in-flight magazine of Cebu Pacific – Smile Magazine.

I also took my mandatory leave in the middle part of November so I was also able to visit Teloyskie for his 5th Birthday! Happy!

December probably was the busiest part of my year with the long list of events and activities. There were a lot of christening, bridal showers, weddings and Christmas parties. All these events, gave me some of the best time with my family and friends. And showed me all things that I should be more thankful for – the people who were with me all this time. Thank you for all the love and support! Another year comes, and I have 365 more days to show my appreciation and love for all of you.

Best Summer Destinations in the Philippines

one more month and summer is already on! even this early in the year, some people are starting to plan their summer outings, vacations and escapades. i am also one of them, though not really planning yet, i am dreaming and imaging a totally stress-free and laid back summer days.

work has been hell this past few weeks and i can feel it taking toll on my back. i am somewhere near being burnt out and it is really stressing me out. thinking about lazy summer days though seems to lessen that burnt out feeling.

there is of course the beaches. i am lucky to be living in the philippines where you can find one of the greatest beach in the world. though its only within the country, i still haven’t really been there. and that’s where i wanna be this summer! i hope! haha… imagine pure powdery white sand, bluest crystal sea water, …. i think the waves are calling out to me. boracay.. one of these days, i’ll be there. =)

what else could beat this!

up next in my destination list.. well actually a second choice if i don’t make it to boracay this summer…. puerto galera. though not as good as boracay, puerto galera would be more accessible from manila and of course lesser the expenses. said to have great dive sites resorts and also great beach!

of course there are also the ones in palawan and in bohol (i have been hearing great great praises for beaches here in and great places to visit). it makes me real proud when tourist name these places paraside beaches. what it could we call it but that. thus my urge to go and visit these places any time soon! i live here but i havent seen these places yet! makes me think i’m really missing half of my life!

panglao beach, bohol…..

so they say… nothing beats philippine beaches, agree! agree!! need i say more? =)