Where to Eat in Daet, Camarines Norte

Daet has recently been awarded as one of the most promising municipalities in the country. When in town, you can’t help but notice all the bustling activity going on around you. The market, the stores, businesses… yes this place does  seem to be making it’s mark in the economic zone. But really, Daet has slowly emerged from it’s sleep mode when a growing number of tourists and travelers flocked town on their way to Calaguas Island.

Bagasbas beach which is also a part of Daet also made itself known by drawing in surf enthusiasts not only from around the Philippines but from around the world too! It’s no wonder, several food joints have popped out to satisfy cravings of different tastes.

Catherine’s +Bagasbas Lighthouse Hotel Resort

Teloyskie and I first visited Camarines Norte for a group tour of Calaguas Island. The fee covered for everything we needed on the island. Upon returning to Daet, we were encouraged to try surfing in Bagasbas and sample the treats at Catherine’s, a restaurant inside the Bagasbas Lighthouse Resort. There we tried their smoothies which are soo yummy and got that double thumbs up mark from the tot.

Earl’s Burger (Bagasbas Beach and Brgy 1)

Recently, I was able to visit Daet once again but this time it was for some seminar that I had to attend. My co-workers based in the area suggested I try out the best burger in town – Earl’s. They had two branches – one in Brgy 1 and the other in Bagasbas Beach. They took us to the one in Bagasbas Beach and I was warned about the ambiance of the food joint. Yep, it looks like a drinking den of some sort. It was dark and everything was rickety or improvised. Tables and chairs are from beer and soda cases, lights were those yellow/orange incandescent. But the food… the food.. are just awesome. (Well the two we’ve ordered anyway!) If I get another invite from this side of the region, I’m sure I’ll be dropping by the other Earl’s branch in town and sample more of their mouthwatering delights.

Brankolei Pizza Italian Vero (David St., Daet)

Here’s another delicious discovery I had during my recent visit in Daet. One of my high school friends is assigned here in Camarines Norte and I decided to contact her while I am still in town. I asked her to take me to the pizza house my co-workers are talking about. So after getting lost finding Allaga and the “furniture” shop, my friend finally decided to meet me near Jollibee Sentro. Brankolei Pizza Italian Vero is actually located in David St. Daet. I think this food joint deserves it’s own blog post!

Other talked about food places in Daet include KSarap and Mario’s (I’m not sure but I know the place’s name starts with the letter M!)

Where to Eat in Vigan, Ilocos Sur: Lampong’s at Calle Crisolo

We were starving, but we want to try good Ilocano food this time. Our tour driver, though he was kind and patient, was a first timer in the touring business so he doesn’t know much about entertaining a bunch of tired, hungry and weary tourists. We arrived in Calle Crisologo at around 11 in the morning, it seemed like we are early. Not much tourist yet so we were able to walk around leisurely admiring the cobbled stones, the heritage houses and building despite the growing hunger pangs we feel. At the end of our walk, we found ourselves looking at the outdoor menu of Lampong’s, a hole in the wall restaurant right in the heart of the heritage street.

I was so happy, ecstatic in fact! Finally, after days of fasting not eating meat, I am going to eat Bagnet today, our last day in Ilocos! Pouring over the menu, I immediately called for a plateful of Dinakdakan. A culinary fave in the North. It is made from chopped Bagnet, mixed with savory Ilocano vinegar, chopped onions and other spices.

I took the liberty of ordering for Baba too, I asked him if he’s interested in eating “Poqui-Poqui.” He didn’t like the sound of it, but upon describing that it is a dish of mashed eggplant mixed with tomatoes, onions and other spices, he agreed.

Teloy also choose from the menu and decided to have some pasta, to our frustration he wanted to have Carbonara! Fortunately, it wasn’t available so he settled for something authentic – the Vigan Longganisa Spaghetti.

While waiting for our orders to be served, Gang and Bebe joined our table and ordered the Kare-kareng Bagnet.

The rest of our barkada occupied the recently vacated table. Lampong’s visibly lack space and can only accommodate a limited number of diners at a time. But the ambiance is nice and the wi-fi is strong. And did I mention they got super good food at really affordable prices!

This meal must be the heartiest I had during our recently concluded Ilocandia Tour. Good thing we saw this resto and all our cravings for authentic Ilocano food were sated right before we traveled back to Manila.

Maginhawa Food Strip: Tomato Kick

Tomato Kick
55 Maginhawa St., UP Village Quezon City
T (02) 489 5503
Operating Hours: 11AM to 3AM Mon-Sat 

I’ve been hearing a lot about this place since 2008 when I was still taking up my masters in UP, but I never really got the chance to visit it. After moving in to QC, I got to try different food joints within 10km radium of my office or home. It was Jade who one day left a message that says, “let’s try tomato kick.” And so we did.

I dropped by her office in Kalayaan Ave and took a tricycle in one of the corners. (we forgot what street it was, but we simply asked the driver to take us to Tomato Kick in Maginhawa St. When we got there, my first thought was, “hey I’ve been here before!” Yeah I never really noticed that it was the “Tomato Kick” several times I’ve explored Bookay-ukay there..

The place seemed more like a bar so I didn’t know what I’ll have when we got in. Checking out the menu, Jade was ready with her order. She said she saw Tomato Kick’s Crispy Bacon Liempo featured on TV so she ordered it.

I dunno what pushed me to try their Puttanesca, but I did and I loved it! If there’s one thing that will urge me to visit Tomato Kick once again, it will be this pasta meal 🙂

Bicol Pochero: Recipes for the Stormy Weather

The months of July and August are some of the rainiest and stormiest months in the Philippines. These months are also some of the best months for comfort foods and soupy recipes to try. One soupy recipe my partner and i craved for last week is Pochero – the authentic Bicolano cooking – just the way our moms made them and how well be making it for our kids.

Pocherong Bicolano Recipe


1/2 kl pork, cut into cubes
2 pcs plaintain banana (saba), cut into 3 diagonally
1 small onion, chopped
2-3 pcs garlic, minced
3 pcs tomatoes, quartered
fish sauce (patis)
salt and pepper


Cook pork in 3 cups of water until it boils. Season with salt then add onions, garlic and tomatoes. When meat is tender, add the saba and season with fish sauce, pepper and salt to adjust taste. Simmer for 5-10 minutes more until saba is cooked, then add petchay leaves. Simmer for 2 more minutes and served hot.

Pinoy Christmas Espesyal: Puto Bumbong

Puto Bumbong with Cheeze

Two of the season’s specialty for Pinoy are puto bumbong and bibingka. Soon as the Christmas air is felt, you will notice stalls and stores selling these two favorites. I bought my first puto bumbong and bibingka early in November when I passed by a stall in Arayat market in Cubao where I also got a free bibingka!

Tonight I realized that Christmas season is soon over but my Teloy still haven’t tried having a puto bumbong. I’ll try to find something around Legazpi tomorrow night if they are still around.

Gotong Alikabok On A Cold Pre-Pedring Day

One of the most common choices for comfort foods are those that are hot and steamy – something really good for the rainy season. Im lucky to be in an office that has similar cravings and great appreciation for different kinds of food. On the eve of Pedring’s wrath, somebody brought us servings of Goto ( a kind of rice porridge which uses ox tail as is main ingredient) and a lot pandesal with dairy creme.

On a cold rainy day, nothing beats the warm, cozy comfort that these foods bring. 

For the Love of Chocolates

and then there was chocolates………….

i’ve never known a person who doesn’t like chocolates. be it a guy or a girl, when asked if they wanted chocolates, surely it would be a yes. who could refuse that yummy, sweet (sometimes bittersweet), creamy creations? not me.. i love them!

so, valentine’s day is just around the corner (no i’m really not looking forward to it— i am single! lol), and chocolates are sure fire gift suggestions for the couples or guy’s gift for their girls. if i have someone to celebrate valentine’s day with, i’d be more than happy if get a bunch of chocolates! and wow! check it out, there are also sites for chocolates, stuffed bears and flowers for delivery!! uggh, wonder when i’ll receive anything like these!

not that i’d eat them all at once, but i’d really can’t get enough of it! so if you ask me, what to give your girls? chocolates of course!