Brankolei Pizza Italian Vero

It was the day we’re about to leave Daet and go back home to Albay but since my colleague still has a meeting to attend, I decided to meet up with my friend from college first.


The guys from my office were raving about the pizza place that is owned presumably by an Italian so according to them, the food there is something I should try. I eagerly contacted her and set up a short meet-up for brunch. After getting lost in downtown Daet trying to look for the elusive “Allaga” which was in fact found at every nook and alley. She finally decided to meet me at Jolibee along Bagasbas Road and we started walking towards David St. The corner has a furniture shop and Brankolei is housed in an orange building (or was it red?) at the back of this furniture shop.



At 10:00Am the pizza house is just opening up for the business day. We requested seating at the second floor for more comfort and privacy, plus it has air conditioning. We had the place to ourselves so we started taking pictures. According to my friend Myra, her agency uses this place for meetings that is why the waitress knows her already.

I first ordered the “Daet on the Go” pizza which was highlighted one of the tarps in the room but the waitress said they no longer serve this because it has seasonal ingredients that they do not have in storage.


So I went for their “Daet Overload” instead. Myra also recommended their Bolognese and the Tiramisu Ice Cream for dessert. Their menu is filled with mouth-watering varieties so I couldn’t help but order two more pasta dishes for take out.


Our pizza must be one of the best ones I’ve tried in my entire life (n0 exaggerations here!). It was just the way I liked it, thin crust, crunchy without going flaky or oily. For toppings, it has ham, beef bits, olives, bell pepper, pineapple and corn kernels! Every bite is heaven!


My friend’s reco on the other hand was just okay. But the real deal here is their super affordable price! Teloy and I also enjoyed my take out from Brankolei – another Bolognese and some 3-Cheeze Pasta!.


Where to Eat in Daet, Camarines Norte

Daet has recently been awarded as one of the most promising municipalities in the country. When in town, you can’t help but notice all the bustling activity going on around you. The market, the stores, businesses… yes this place does  seem to be making it’s mark in the economic zone. But really, Daet has slowly emerged from it’s sleep mode when a growing number of tourists and travelers flocked town on their way to Calaguas Island.

Bagasbas beach which is also a part of Daet also made itself known by drawing in surf enthusiasts not only from around the Philippines but from around the world too! It’s no wonder, several food joints have popped out to satisfy cravings of different tastes.

Catherine’s +Bagasbas Lighthouse Hotel Resort

Teloyskie and I first visited Camarines Norte for a group tour of Calaguas Island. The fee covered for everything we needed on the island. Upon returning to Daet, we were encouraged to try surfing in Bagasbas and sample the treats at Catherine’s, a restaurant inside the Bagasbas Lighthouse Resort. There we tried their smoothies which are soo yummy and got that double thumbs up mark from the tot.

Earl’s Burger (Bagasbas Beach and Brgy 1)

Recently, I was able to visit Daet once again but this time it was for some seminar that I had to attend. My co-workers based in the area suggested I try out the best burger in town – Earl’s. They had two branches – one in Brgy 1 and the other in Bagasbas Beach. They took us to the one in Bagasbas Beach and I was warned about the ambiance of the food joint. Yep, it looks like a drinking den of some sort. It was dark and everything was rickety or improvised. Tables and chairs are from beer and soda cases, lights were those yellow/orange incandescent. But the food… the food.. are just awesome. (Well the two we’ve ordered anyway!) If I get another invite from this side of the region, I’m sure I’ll be dropping by the other Earl’s branch in town and sample more of their mouthwatering delights.

Brankolei Pizza Italian Vero (David St., Daet)

Here’s another delicious discovery I had during my recent visit in Daet. One of my high school friends is assigned here in Camarines Norte and I decided to contact her while I am still in town. I asked her to take me to the pizza house my co-workers are talking about. So after getting lost finding Allaga and the “furniture” shop, my friend finally decided to meet me near Jollibee Sentro. Brankolei Pizza Italian Vero is actually located in David St. Daet. I think this food joint deserves it’s own blog post!

Other talked about food places in Daet include KSarap and Mario’s (I’m not sure but I know the place’s name starts with the letter M!)

Where to Eat in Legazpi: Revisiting Lana’s Halo Halo and Obat

Recently, Baba and I had been scouring downtown Daraga and Legazpi for thrift and vintage shops. Checking out some shops and stores located at the Legazpi public market led us to a memorable dining spot for me. Lana’s Halo halo used to be a favorite hang out for me and Reylen – a close friend of mine who was six years older than me. She would take me there when she feels down or simply wants to relax and get away from the troubles of her home. 

It had been years since I last visited Lana’s and I am really excited for Baba to try the house special since he comes from Tiwi where a certain store is also famous for their halo halo. We are going to compare the specials he thought so we settled on to a seat and ordered two specials. I also asked Baba to buy cheap dimsum at the Siopao Center a few stalls away. Special halo halo at Lana’s costs P50 while the siopao was only P8 each.  Cheap dates has never been this enjoyable!

Maginhawa Food Strip: Tomato Kick

Tomato Kick
55 Maginhawa St., UP Village Quezon City
T (02) 489 5503
Operating Hours: 11AM to 3AM Mon-Sat 

I’ve been hearing a lot about this place since 2008 when I was still taking up my masters in UP, but I never really got the chance to visit it. After moving in to QC, I got to try different food joints within 10km radium of my office or home. It was Jade who one day left a message that says, “let’s try tomato kick.” And so we did.

I dropped by her office in Kalayaan Ave and took a tricycle in one of the corners. (we forgot what street it was, but we simply asked the driver to take us to Tomato Kick in Maginhawa St. When we got there, my first thought was, “hey I’ve been here before!” Yeah I never really noticed that it was the “Tomato Kick” several times I’ve explored Bookay-ukay there..

The place seemed more like a bar so I didn’t know what I’ll have when we got in. Checking out the menu, Jade was ready with her order. She said she saw Tomato Kick’s Crispy Bacon Liempo featured on TV so she ordered it.

I dunno what pushed me to try their Puttanesca, but I did and I loved it! If there’s one thing that will urge me to visit Tomato Kick once again, it will be this pasta meal 🙂

Maginhawa Food Strip: Crazy Katsu Japanese Restaurant

Living a stone throw away from the famed food strip, we decided to take a taste of resto’s and food joints that made Maginhawa Street a food haven worth exploring.

Crazy Katsu

Address: #81 Unit I Maginhawa St., Teacher’s Village, UP Diliman Quezon City
Concept: Japanese Restaurant
Nos: (02) 435-0030

Budget: P150 – P250 for rice meals with drinks

Baba and I first had a massage at Azul Spa in Annonas and headed to Maginhawa St. afterwards. We were famished and would eat anything that first come’s to sight. Food joints in Maginhawa have limited spaces and during that time, most of the resto’s I have in mind are full-packed so I decided to take Baba someplace which I have not yet tried – Crazy Katsu. We asked them what they can serve the fastest and the waitress suggested their best-selling Katsu-don (rice meal at Php150).

I wasn’t able to take pictures of the place because there were groups of people inside. But the place is unassuming with wooden tables and chairs. The design is very minimalist with soft light highlighting nooks and corners. 
first successful use of chopsticks.yey.congrats 🙂

On the other hand, there was nothing really special about the food we’ve ordered. Serving portion wasn’t able to satisfy a famished guy who loves rice. I grudgingly compared it to Teriyaki Boy’s Katsudon which is only P25 pricier than theirs and find Crazy Katsu’s Katsudon a bit lacking in quantity though quality might be at par. 

Liliw, Laguna: The 2008 Tsinelas Festival and Hole in the Wall Exquisite Food at Arabela

The second day of our stay in Sta. Cruz, we woke up to a hearty breakfast consist of hotdogs, kang kong and talong prepared by our lovely host. While eating we again discussed what we’re going to do or where we should go. Tita suggested we go to Liliw, a town sitting next to Sta. Cruz. Back then, I don’t have much idea of is neighboring towns (Nagcarlan, Magdalena and Mahayhay) and little did I know that I’ll be coming back to check the other towns in the future.

Liliw was a surprise. The small town streets were decorated with colorful banderitas. The main square was filled with food booths and there were a lot of people going around. We had great luck with timing on this trip because it was actually the last day of Liliw’s Tsinelas Festival. Liliw pala has a thriving shoe industry that rivals that of Marikina’s.

We went around the town square and I found shoe boutiques with unique and impressive creations. 

One of our favorite spot here in Liliw is the St. John the Baptist Church. It has a bright red brick facade and a cool and dark interior. This church was founded in 1605 and was damaged by an earthquake in 1880.

St. John the Baptist Church in Liliw, Laguna

The trip was completed by a visit to Liliw’s famed food haven: Arabella. It was a well known quaint restaurant with great pasta, pastries, coffee and other delectable offerings for affordable prices.

Arabela have cool, soft-dim lighted interior and walls with interesting frames.

The place actually looks packed and busy. That’s where they prepare the pasta.
my yummy mocha frappe  – P65.00 only!
Arabela has low ceilings and walls covered by frames and wall decors.
her potato salad 🙂

I promised to drop by this resto if I get another chance to visit Liliw. But it did not happen, work took me back to this town in 2010, but it was a hurried trip and gave me no chance to check out Arabela once again.

(Photo Credits: Jack Cruzado)

Gotong Alikabok On A Cold Pre-Pedring Day

One of the most common choices for comfort foods are those that are hot and steamy – something really good for the rainy season. Im lucky to be in an office that has similar cravings and great appreciation for different kinds of food. On the eve of Pedring’s wrath, somebody brought us servings of Goto ( a kind of rice porridge which uses ox tail as is main ingredient) and a lot pandesal with dairy creme.

On a cold rainy day, nothing beats the warm, cozy comfort that these foods bring. 

Staycating and Ice Cream

After my failed Solo Sagada Trip last week which got me stuck in Baguio due to typhoon Mina, I’m staycating here at home this weekend. A weekend by myself and I hope I won’t get bored. I made a list of all the things I could do before my next batch of assignments come in.

First there’s the load of laundry to do. That’s a very domestic thing but I’ve learned that there are a lot of ways to make things even simpler while we’re doing the laundry.FN article on Laundry Tips you should follow helped me care for my clothes better by doing the laundry the right, easy and simpler way. 
After the laundry and being hungry makes me think of food. I’m too lazy to cook up a meal for myself, but the good thing is, the Big Scoop Ice Cream is just at the corner. This probably is one of my favorite places to dine in here in San Juan. They have heavenly flavored ice creams that can make you forget your name (that’s according to my cousin). Value Meals at Big Scoop is around Php150 and that includes a glass of ice tea and a scoop of ice cream. My favorite ice cream flavors are Strawberry Fields and Pistachio! Big Scoop Ice Cream is located at N.Domingo Street San Juan City. Just in front of Mini Stop and Pinaglabanan Shrine 🙂
This weekend is also saved for the bunch of books I bought in Baguio. Will start reading and catch some reviving snooze later while I can. 

Samba Ole ole! Samba cake at Bizu Patiserrie

this is actually a late post.

samba’s the name of the mini cake we picked up at Bizu patisserrie and bistro at the promenade behind greenhills. Me and my cousin makes it a habit of treating ourselves to a fine dinner and yummy cake deserts. and to have a check on our diets (hehe) we make sure that we share only a slice or small piece of those dreamy concoctions.

we have tried cheeze cakes everywhere so we decided to pick something different.. i have to admit i was hesitant to pick up this one because of its soo-chocolate-ty appearance. i have cough that time and i’m not sure if chocolates would be good for me… but we still did go for it.. and after a hearty dinner at tenderbob’s, we opened what got and surprise!

Samba was not as i imagined it to be.. well it looked like a choco lava cake for me, yet it was really like a gelatinous spongy like mousse – light choco and caramel mousse that is light and truly heavenly. i forgot that i was still full from the meal and that i even had cough when i had a taste of this. and yeah i forgot to take a picture of what’s inside it as well!

there’s nothing left! nada! hehe.. though these little pieces of heaven are a bit pricey, it would all be worth it once you take your first bite… yummy!
Bizu Patiserrie branches are at:
  • 1st level Promenade in Greenhills San Juan City
  • Ground Level of Alabang Town Center
  • 3rd Floor of Glorietta 4 in Makati City, and
  • 1st Level Greenbelt 2 in Makati City

Hearty Dinner at Tender Bobs, Greenhills

my cousin and i have decided to go out every now and then to treat ourselves and experience different types of food from different restos around metro manila. we’ve already been here at tender bob’s once but this is the first time i’ve ordered this grilled chops. yeah, a hearty dinner that’s is really good for two (two girls! lolz). of course i wasn’t able to finish all these, yet it was one of the best meals i had… when it comes to steaks and grilled chops, i guess this joint is one to beat!

also, be sure to try out their potato skins… one of the bests!

tender bob’s has branches in prominade greenhills, makati and sm north the block.