Albay in A Day: ‘Coz there’s More than Just Mayon

When one is set to visit the lovely province of Albay in the Bicol Region, it seems that the foremost sight-seeing, must-see or must-do on their list is to to see the world famous Mt. Mayon. Who wouldn’t want to see that perfect cone shape beauty well-known for it’s destructive grace?  But what if she’s too shy to let you have a peek during your visit?

As one who grew up under Magayon’s magnificent nose, I’ve seen how playful she can be at times. But don’t worry, the less you are keen to see her, the less shy she will be. So while you play pretend that you are not “that” interested in her, what other things can you do or see around Albay?

February 1st, we took off with some Couchsurfer friends to explore Albay’s hidden gems. The experience is both a revelation of new spots and also kind of reconnected us with the places we’ve been to years before. We hopped on a rented van (Php 2500) which could have accommodated 15 but we were only 9 (with two kids) and started our tour at 0900H.

Cagsawa Ruins, Daraga

Been here so many times since my childhood but you can never have the same view twice! Cagsawa Ruins is one of the best places to see how destructive Mt Mayon can be. The kids here will gladly tell you about the historic eruption in 1819 that brought Cagsawa in ruins. There are also plenty of shops in Cagsawa that offer souvenirs and ornamental plants at very affordable prices. Alternatively, you may also try out the ATV ride offered here.

Photo Credits: Bong and Gino


Hoyop Hoyopan Cave, Camalig Albay

According to the guide/storyteller (Php 300/group of 6), Hoyop hoyopan Cave was discovered in 1950’s but it was only in 1970’s during Marcos regime that it was opened. The cave was home to our ancestors, “cavemen” as he claim. The cave actually has three floors or major chambers and only the middle chamber is open to the public. It was cool and breezy like there is wind blowing in at all times and this is also how it got it’s name “Hoyop” means blow.

Photo Credits: Bong and Gino



Kawa – Kawa Nature Park, Ligao City

A hill with a “caldera” of sorts for a crater. “Kawa” is a local term for a wok which is what the hill looks like from afar. It was developed and turned into a destination for pilgrims wanting to do a “Station of the Cross” during Holy Week. It also became famous because of the sunflowers that grow abundantly around it during summer months.

Photo Credits: Bong and Gino


Photo Credits: Bong and Gino


Tip: Try out Bergs Ice Cream while you climb. It is the best dirty ice cream I’ve tasted in my life and having it as company while you struggle with the steep climb will make it a more enjoyable experience. If you are visiting close to meal time, there is a restaurant where you can place your orders before your trip to the cavalry err hill so that they will be ready once you come down.

Mayon Rest House / Mayon Science Center and Planetarium, Tabaco City

Many years ago, Mayon Rest House is a hotel seated four kilometers beneath Mt Mayon’s summit. A major eruption called for it’s closing for several years until the area was left to deteriorate. During our high school years and sometimes after college, I was able to visit Mayon Rest House and reveled in the wonderful view it offered.



This year however, sightseeing at this are was moved indoors because of the rain. The Mayon Science Center and Planetarium has been revived and provided lots of additional information for visitors. The kids we have with us enjoyed looking at the huge photos of the heavenly elements. Teloyskie learned a lot from the posters and photos of different types of volcanoes. Additionally, a film showing inside a small amphitheater showed interesting facts and stories about the beautiful volcano called Mayon.


Vera Falls, Malinao, Albay

We were to set to visit two different falls during this road trip but because it was fast getting dark, we decided to make our last stop at Vera Falls. I’ve written about Vera Falls before and you can read about it here. Upon exiting the road that leads to Mayon Rest House, we traversed Sabluyon Roads towards Malinao, the municipality were Vera Falls is located. When we reached our destination, we all could hear the loud roar of the water. It is more forceful than when we visited last summer- prolly because it just rained hard right before we get there. Teloyskie played around with Choco while our companions took their time taking pictures. And just before the clock strikes 5, we unanimously called it a day and headed back to Legazpi for our dinner.

Travel Albay: View of The Magnificent Mayon from an Albayano

I was born and raised in Albay Province – the city of smiles, the heart of Bicolandia and the home of the Magnificent Mayon Volcano.  For the 23 or so years of my stay in Daraga, Albay, i would wake up seeing Mt. Mayon through my open windows. I would walk downtown with the mystic Mayon always in my peripheral vision. My elementary school located in Daraga have Mt. Mayon in plain sight. And so is my high school in Sagpon and my college back in Daraga, Albay. Everywhere I go in the province of Albay, I have Mt. Mayon as a beautiful landmark.

Spectacular Mt. Mayon taken at Lignon Hill after an early morning run (Dec 2010)

I can say that know every side of the volcano, I even hiked up to Camp 1 back in 2004. I know how it looks like when you travel to the first or third district. From Daraga or Legazpi – Mt Mayon looks bold and beautiful on your left and the clear crystal waters of the Albay Gulf on your right when you travel to Tabaco or Tiwi. When you go travel to Guinobatan, Ligao or Polangui from Daraga or Legazpi, Mt Mayon would appear nearer and you’ll have rolling green fields and hills on your left.

Despite the fiery eruptions that happens once in every 10 years, Mt. Mayon remains a steadfast symbol of Albayanos’ pride and resiliency. When I left Albay to work here in Manila, I was always ecstatic to see Mt. Mayon every time I travel back home. Even when I’m still on a bus or aboard a plane, the first sight of Mt. Mayon when I we enter the province always feels like seeing it for the first time but at all the same, it gives me the comforting feeling of being at home. Yes, despite the dangers of living a few kilometers off the danger zone, I am home and I am safe in the same land I share with the Magnificent Mayon.

But just lately, some tourism sham have claimed that Mt Mayon is in Camarines Sur? What?! Where again?! Nueva Camarines? How the heck can that happen? Since when?Camarines Sur is 2-hours drive away from Albay and you can’t even see the tip of Mt. Mayon when you are in Camarines Sur!

Where is??

I have much love for the entire Bikolandia, and when you talk about the region I’d proudly say that there are so many wonders in BICOL Region including Mt. Mayon. But as an Albayano, growing up under the proudly beautiful Mt. Mayon is my pride. Wherever life takes me, I’d never lose my way back home – where Mt. Mayon is, that’s where my home is.

So for those who wants a glimpse of this wonder – the perfectly cone shaped Mt Mayon is located in Albay, about 460km south of Metro Manila. There are two easy ways to commute to Albay.

  • By Bus. There are a long line of commuter buses going to Albay and you can find most of them at the Araneta Terminal Station in Cubao. Fare ranges from 350 to 900 depending on the kind of bus you want. One of the best commuter bus servicing Manila-Albay (Legazpi/Tabaco) is Cagsawa Travel and Tours, Inc

So don’t get lost and let tourism shams lead you on as they probably aim to rip you off with pricey tourism packages. Mt. Mayon is a symbol associated with the province of Albay. It’s nowhere in the Camarines. Take it from a local.