Baguio Budget Escape 2: What Eats and Where To’s?

We surely had a blast on our Baguio Budget Escape Day 1, and the weekend was far from over. We woke up early the next day and prepared for our host – my housemate and Baguio resident Lalai with her son Kabay will take us to The Manor for a buffet breakfast which Baba and I promised in exchange for the free ride up and down the City of Pines.

The Manor, Camp John Hay, Baguio City

Lalai and her family took me to The Manor the last time I was stuck in Baguio so I was pretty excited to have another round of delicious breakfast meals in a beautiful location.

Breakfast Buffet Rates at The Manor are:

Adult : Php 550
Kids : Php 275

please make me an omelette with everything on it!
winner waffle with maple syrup and blueberry jam

Kabai with his fruit plate

Lai’s plate

We took turns at getting some time off and exploring the grounds of the hotel before we had our part 2 of the brekkie. We would love to spend an over night here on Baba’s next vacation.

the Manor

we love it here!

After a hearty breakfast, Lalai took us to Good Shepherd Covent in Mines View Park to buy a couple of Pasalubong favorites – the famous Ube Jam. There was a long line of customers so Baba and I decided to take pictures while we waited for Lalai to complete her purchases.

Good Shepherd Convent, Baguio City

From here, we passed by the Botanical Garden and the Mansion but we did not go down, instead Lalai dropped us off at our Inn to rest while the rain poured over the city. This trip was completely unplanned so Baba and I don’t have anything in mind to go to.

After our siesta, we then decided to take merienda-cum-early dinner and go to the Lourdes Grotto. I was still raining on and off so we just took a cab though we had some idea on how to go there already.

the Veniz Cafe

counted the steps up the Lourdes grotto

Despite our lack of planning, we thoroughly enjoyed exploring the City of Pines. We’ve both been here before but have not really explored the city, and now it felt really good getting lost and finding the right way together. We do plan to re-visit Baguio next year and maybe we’d be able take Teloy along with us then.

Baguio Budget Escape: Food Trip in the City of Pines

It was a quiet Friday evening when our housemate, who hails from Baguio City announced that she’s driving alone to Baguio early in the morning. Out of nowhere, Baba and I decided to join her on a road trip. With a couple of clothes and 5K budget, we hit the road at 4am the next day.

The drive was uneventful, we stopped by Sison, Pangasinan to eat something and we’re a little disappointed that Kenon Rd was closed so we had to take the much longer route via Marcos Highway.

We reached Baguio City at around 9am. Baba and I declined Ate Maricar’s invitation to stay in their house and searched for cheap Baguio City accommodations instead. We found La Brea along Session Road and made reservations for 2 nights. We did not prepare any IT and made this trip a completely spontaneous one. We just noted recommendations and jump into what we have in mind next.

After freshening up, we headed to Glenn’s 50s Diner in General Luna Road in front of Brent Road  for our late lunch. The ambiance is great and they have big servings of food. Baba loved his Swimmers while my Schintzel was just okay.

waitresses at 50’s diner wear sailor uniforms!

we love their coffee here

Baba’s Swimmers – 3 seafood delights in sweet-spicy sauce
schnitzel for me (okay lang)
ka-table namin c Marilyn Monroe!
the red car parked outside 50’s diner

After lunch, we decided to walk back and pay visit to the Cathedral and offer prayers of thanks. Then we played corny and headed for Burnham Lake for some rowing action.

can’t believe these oars are so heavy!!
should have tried those paddle boats instead

It was raining on and off and we were tired. We couldn’t think of anything to eat for dinner just yet so we headed for SM Baguio and waited for the rain to stop. We stayed at the veranda and was awed when the fog enveloped the city.

Then we walked to Session Road where there are more choices when it comes to foodtripping. We ended up at one of my friend’s favorite Pizza place – Pizza Volante. The place looks unorganized and seems to be a series of expansions – might be because of the growing number of diners. They have great pizza and pasta choices here – the price is also just right for students on a budget.

love this cheeze burger pizza!

Baba suggested we eat only light dinner tonight because he wants a nightcap at one of the bars we passed by earlier. It’s called the Bohemian and they have angelic acoustic singers here. We had a basket of fresh potato fries and a bucket of beer to end the night…

frothy milk! 😀

a basket of potatoes

lassheeng Baba?

Day 2 of our Baguio Trip was spent at the Manor, Good Shepherd and Lourdes Grotto. Blog soon 🙂

Baguio: The Solo Sagada Failed Ending

i’ve been forever planning to have my own solo trip. been checking the SAGGA’s website, researching and browsing every topic pertaining to Sagada very so often. And when the 4-day weekend came, i was ecstatic! this is it i said to myself, I’m going! There aren’t anything that can stop me then, i made reservations already and all i need to do is travel. i feel confident about this though a bit anxious too because its going to be my first solo trip. (not to mention a day trip to experience Pahiyas Festival in 2008).

Well, yeah it FAILED. I can hear Bagyong Mina, laughing and taunting me while i was stuck in Baguio. But what the heck, I was just too thankful for not being so bull-headed and heeding my friend/officemate’s advice to travel in the middle of the storm. Lalai, my officemate lives in Baguio but her family is a local of Bontoc. When we arrived in Baguio on a stormy early Saturday morning, and she told me that she will take me to the terminal once the weather get better. She was firm and told me she knows the weather and the way more than me so i should believe her when she tells me its not safe to go.

The rain didn’t stop all day, so Lalai suggested that I leave for Sagada the next day and just join them for a buffet breakfast at The Manor before I leave. So i just slept the whole Saturday in their cozy home.

Next day, we all headed for The Manor, it is located inside Camp John Hay. This hotel is really impressive and I think I’d never consider visiting it in some other time or company. For one, it is quite pricey, but having visited this once, I think a stay here would be quite worth it.

The Manor Hotel, Camp John Hay Baguio City

breakfast buffet at the Manor (P500 adults, P250 kids)

After our breakfast, Lalai took me to Dangwa to check for trips to Sagada, (my oh my) there are no trips because of some landslides. We headed to a jeepney terminal which travels to Bontoc, again no vail. People around had been buzzing about landslides and the non stop rainfall which might cause more landslides. This time I gave in. Well at least I’ve tried, and there are still next times for me to follow through with my Solo Sagada. Later that Sunday, a relative of Lalai told us about the Lizardo bus which fell off a cliff due to the landslide last Saturday. I can’t help but think that if I’ve been really bull-headed and stubborn the day before, it would have been my bus that fell off the cliff!

going around Maharlika Market for pasalubongs
baguio day4. late lunch at cafe veniz after buying pasalubongs

I’m so thankful despite being stuck in Baguio in the midst of Bagyong Mina. I was cozily spoiled by the warm and hospitable family of Lalai for 4 days!