soy desaparicida!

yeah i’m lost.. constantly these days.. july 7 is like a lifetime ago.. it felt like a different world that i’m moving in right now.. back then, my only worry is how not to make another late in coming to the office because i already have 3 and i’m only allowed five during my probi period. then came the interview and like a whirlwind, i moved into another dimension.. where i thought i belonged.. and then i wasn’t even sure.

i guess the expectation was just too much or i was just into a lot of stress that i wasn’t able to try harder. still the learnings i’ve got from here is valuable and i know that the training will be put into good use later on.

Struggling with the Probi Stat..

being new at my job gave me the probationary status. for the next 6 months starting from the date i was hired, i am not allowed to make absences, except for 5 emergencies. this is why i have put my travelling shoes and flops to rest. 6 months is not that long, and there are always the weekends for me to use up.

a lot of my friends tell me that work is just that.. but how can we sustain our travels, hobbies and activities if we got no money right? not to mention that my mom is having a hard time budgeting the least i send for teloy. argh! the single-working-long distance-mom issues!

the corporate world have not much appeal to me but it’s paying me decently and i’m starting to like what i do here. so the sudden invite from a government agency to interview me was really shocking. i am very much interested in the job opening there, but i am torn, what if i didnt make it in the interview, and what if they wouldn’t really hire me? going to the interview would mean, not going to work for a day, and if they invite me once again, that will be another absence. i don’t want my performace to suffer but I’m hoping to get to a right decision here.