Teloy’s Candid Shots

Nothing could be ever as wonderful than looking through the eyes of your child, hearing their resounding laughter and feeling their small hands touch yours.. doubt they are angels sent from above to touch your lives..

at about one month i am comfortable lying on my stomach, especially after my milk. they say i burb like a man! huh?

mama!! there’s two of you!!

ay… isa ka na lang ulit?

mom, wake me up when its finished okay?

i am baby teloyskie…

here’s a few facts about me… no need to decribe how good looking i am, i definitely got that from mom. =)

i love watching planes! each time i hear the sound of an approching plane, i know get really excited and i really i need to see it! except of course when im busy with my milk which i can never let go unless i dont really dont want it. =)

i am mom’s little man! mom was so proud when she took this shot and that made me really nervous and really dont know what to do next. mom said i come to her but what if i fall? will she be able to catch me? i hope so, it’s getting rattly standing when my knees are woobling!

that’s me at five months! mom visits me often enough to know many things about me. each time the thinks that i am already forgetting her, she pops up and ooh she’s here! yipeeee! miss her when she’s away and lola is the only one taking care of me =(

freakin’ mad!

its one of those days that seem to be the total opposite of yesterday.

we had great time at the office, nothing too serious and stressful. jokes there, sheiks of laughter here. it was a relaxed, non-stress non-pressure day for us. the presentation turned out to be a total success even if its early in the morning, people truly enjoyed it. maybe that was why the whole day vibrated with happy energies, making most if not all people lay back and share a joking moment for the whole day.

before it really end, i though about what will tomorrow bring me after having such a happy day today? then came this day, the tomorrow that i was thinking about. its not fine, in fact its a day that seemed to be ruined even from the start. having discovered lies and blames being pointed at me, and having an argument turned into a full blown fight. a fight that’s not even worth the time and energy coz i realize that its been sapping my energies before the argument even started. its not worth it, he’s not worth it.

im blogging it!

are you also affected by weather conditions? i think i sometimes mirror what the sky outside is showing, i am feeling… its really quite gloomy today, no sun but no rain too.. just plain cloudy, grey skies with a bit of wind. the kind that really makes people bored and sleepy.

i like rainy days and sunny days too. but today with the gloomy grey skies over head, i feel like as if i don’t have the energy to even type in my keyboard much more go on about and do routine work here in the office.

there’s music playing, old alternative from filipino artist, mixed up with easy foreign rn’b, totally making this day lazy. with boss gone and nothing to do?

good thing there’s blogging! now even im really lazy, my hands and thoughts can still do something for me. aside from constantly checking on my friendster, multiply, and chatting with “makulit cousins” i have something to do now. but starting this blogging thing is not really as easy as i thought. there’s the topic to consider and the content which i am finding hard to write about. anyway i think this is a good start… my day is starting to get more okay and the laziness is disappearing bit by bit as hours pass.

maybe later i can write something better than this!