Blogging and Money Matters

(A video clip from the Filipino TV Program “Mel and Joey”. Filipinos Bloggers are making money!)
I’ve known blogging as an online and hi-tech way of keeping a diary. Most people are exposed to computers and the internet everyday. There are also webpages, profiles and social networking sites that offer free use of their services. Friendster, Multiply, Myspace and a lot others, there are even top social networking sites for each country. Aside from profile pages, these also offer the use of blogpages where wyou can write about anything under the sun.

Why would these networking sites do us this favor for? Its because their earning from it. And we too can earn as they do. Aside from your personal profiles, there are also ads from paying advertisers on blogsites offered by these networking sites.

I’ve been keeping a blog of my own for some time now. Only been writing about personal experiences and thoughts, just like a real diary. The idea of posting ads from Google was introduced by a friend of mine. Wow, really? My blog can pay off with just the ads? Surely, it was easly signing up and putting the ads on my blog site. As I understand it then, advertisers would pay me apart of their earnings when other views my blog, click on the ads and most especially when someone buys from them. The problem for me now is that, not a lot of people come and visits my page… a really big challege for me.

Luckily, a message from that same friend claimed that I can actually earn even without people clicking and buying from the ads on my blog. The thing is, though I can’t really describe the technicalities of it, and as simply as i can explain, one could earn with only the visits or impressions made by people on your blog site.

As a single mom, I am in dire need of rackets and other sources of income. Having the advantage of using a computer and internet daily, i am also exposed to opportunities such as paid fora, paid emails, paid reviews (haven’t tried this yet though =P) and of course blogging. Why not then grab the chance to earn additional income? You guys should start you blogging too. Who knows, we might be earning as much as the top earners in blogging soon. Good luck to us!

Searching for Cheap Baby Clothes and Stuff Online

it’s not so long ago when i was still getting a list for what i would need and what should i prepare for my delivery. they call it the layette list, and thinking about how many sets and pieces of this and that are really needed. i was even asking other moms for advise on which brand and what kind is the best for them.

there are the cloth diapers, the side ties, mittens, booties and bonnets. i was also confused if my baby would already and really need rompers, overalls/frogsuits? add to list are baby blankets, pillows (?), feeding bottles and etc… back then it was all confusing sorting that list. which ones first and how many?

then i started shopping, and then i couldn’t stop shopping for baby items anymore! haha. its really really exciting going about the baby sections in malls. they got real cute stuff, baby dresses, bottles, everything a baby and soon to be mom would need. back then, all things imagine would fit and would look real good on my baby.

after completing my list and adding a whole lot of clothes he would use yet, i slowed down from shopping. my son was soon using the things i bought for him. yep they all look real good on him. wonder if he could even appreciate it yet. (haha!)

from time to time i’d still buy him things, i really couldn’t help it. of course, there the adjustment in the sizes though. and now, after turning 1 and 3 motnhs, my son is needing a new wardrobe. wow! how time flies, i’d been buying him stuff all along but even those would fit him right anymore. so again i’d be making another list.. wonder what’s gonna be in that list now.

there are a lot of things to consider now – colors, cartoon characters (i hope i can find clothes with his favorite characters like handy manny, pocoyo, elmo), should i now buy him pants? or should he just wear short? maybe i should get him a jumper too? wow this is fun… hope i have the money to shop for my baby’s clothes too!

Musings of a New (Single) Mom

after a wild saturday night that rendered my legs almost paralized, i am really craving for a complete, uninterrupted sleep. that was a first for me, and i kinda regret having that much good time when it hurts that way after. it was a real good time though and maybe i’d look forward to another one sometime.

lack of sleep and dead tired body reminded me of days when i just had delivered my baby. that was worst i guess. that kind of pain was really, really unforgettable. but seeing my son, well the fruit of all my labor after that is like taking the best pain reliever in the world.

and then days after that… the pain subsided but the wonder of having my little boy around didn’t. there also came the sleepless nights, the sterilizing, the diapers and a lot others that seems to require attention. baby cries for milk, baby cries coz he’s wet, he needs bath, i need to do the laundry, and the ironing and the folding and everything. uggh!

just can imagine the feeling.just when you thought you could do no more, baby decides to sleep… and all else turns right. just a look at that sweet face sleeping innocently is enough to take all that stress and tiredness away.

i miss having my little boy around. mom must feel so lucky, having my son sleep with her and spend his day with her and taking all that aches, stress and tiredness aways. making everyone in the house laugh with his antics and be wowed by his milestones. there are certain sacrifices that single moms like me really suffer for. i missed a lot… right now what i miss most is looking at my baby as he sleeps… then i could just then have my blessed sleep.

what baby eats..

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when my son started picking things up and chewing on everything he could get his hands on, i realize that he’s quite ready to eat. he was about four months when we started spooning him mashed potatoes and porraige and other baby food. wow he’s not a picky eater!

as months goes, he seem to want to taste everything. now he’s 1 year and 3 months and he also learned to point at things he want. when he sees food on the table, he’d point out something that he thought he could eat. it was well advised by my aunt who is a doctor that a baby should eat whatever other family members eat. in small servings of course. aside from baby foods that he seem to like ( we give him gerber bottled purees and baby food and cerelac cereals… his favorite are – choco joy, chicken and vegetables and oats with prunes)

its quite funny sometimes when babies like my son imitates food habits that he sees other do. i was really amazed to see him dip his french fries on the ketsup! so its a must to have and eat the right foods especially in front of him. junk food are such a no-no!

i had a call a couple of days ago, my little boy is seem bored with his milk. my sister said he won’t finish off his bottle rather he’d look at the table longingly and point at anything in there like the banana, rice or even the cheese spread. he’s really growing up fast. just hope he’d continue to have that interest in food as he grows.

Teloy on Baby Mag Baby Gallery

BABY Mag February 2008

last week, i was busy chatting and surfing the net coz i really need something to do or else i’d give in to the temptation of snoozing off at work. then…

buzz! twnx is congratulating me and telling me that i should have party… huh?!? for what? whhaat!! my baby made it to the baby gallery section of baby magazine (a baby magazine of national circulation!) wow! but wait? what picture was posted there? i can’t really remember sending the picture or what picture i’ve sent or when i sent it. are you sure it’s my little boy? yeah hundred percent sure!
then i was checking it out, yup he’s there! he’s photo is posted on the baby gallery section of the magazine! of course mommie is sooo proud!

i’m not really serious about being a stagemom but it really feels good when i saw my son in the magazine(even if its only a thumbnail photo). i’d sure be checking out other baby contest and send photos of my baby. who knows maybe would soon make it to the covers!

For the Love of Chocolates

and then there was chocolates………….

i’ve never known a person who doesn’t like chocolates. be it a guy or a girl, when asked if they wanted chocolates, surely it would be a yes. who could refuse that yummy, sweet (sometimes bittersweet), creamy creations? not me.. i love them!

so, valentine’s day is just around the corner (no i’m really not looking forward to it— i am single! lol), and chocolates are sure fire gift suggestions for the couples or guy’s gift for their girls. if i have someone to celebrate valentine’s day with, i’d be more than happy if get a bunch of chocolates! and wow! check it out, there are also sites for chocolates, stuffed bears and flowers for delivery!! uggh, wonder when i’ll receive anything like these!

not that i’d eat them all at once, but i’d really can’t get enough of it! so if you ask me, what to give your girls? chocolates of course!

On Brakets and Braces: No Pain No Gain Beauty Essential for Crooked Teeth

Dental braces (also known as orthodontic braces) are a device used in orthodontics to correct alignment of teeth and their position with regard to bite. Braces are often used to correct malocclusions such as underbites, overbites, cross bites and open bites, or crooked teeth and various other flaws of teeth and jaws, whether cosmetic or structural. (from wikipedia)
Parts of braces… (no that’s not me in the picture!) i still don’t have that hook and rubber band.. i really hope i’m not getting them this month!

unfortunately, i was one of those kids that ate too much chocolates and candies and more or less ran away from brushing. and if myth or fact, it caused my pearly whites to crowd and fit in the small confines of my mouth.

while checking out my month’s calendar, i realized that i’m only a week away from my next bracket adjustment and dental check up. after that, i got new colors for the elestics…. another hell of a week with soups and other soft food for surely i am again incapable of biting, chewing and with a mouthful of mouth sores, sure what an enjoyble post dental visit it would be.

the plan of getting myself these braces was realized just last year. after bonuses was given out, i know its the only chance i’ve got for it. after post poning the installation for years, i finally made it. so the saga with the braces started.

i was really excited, been thinking about this for years. been dreaming of a toothpaste commercial worthy smile for too long. the pain i thought would be momentary, that it would be gone soon. yeah it was. but it comes back month after month of adjustments. it really feels like a jack-hammer is working on your molars sometimes. this made me ate less, my jaw soon tires from worked-up chewing. i cannot enjoy eating pizza or barbeque. the food i enjoy most, at times a becomes a big challenge for me.

well that’s it for us wanting b-e-a-u-t-y… haha! most of my friends say, “no pain, no gain.” yeah right. just have to take all that pain for the sake of beauty. i would soon have that “close-up” smile. a few more months…

Best Summer Destinations in the Philippines

one more month and summer is already on! even this early in the year, some people are starting to plan their summer outings, vacations and escapades. i am also one of them, though not really planning yet, i am dreaming and imaging a totally stress-free and laid back summer days.

work has been hell this past few weeks and i can feel it taking toll on my back. i am somewhere near being burnt out and it is really stressing me out. thinking about lazy summer days though seems to lessen that burnt out feeling.

there is of course the beaches. i am lucky to be living in the philippines where you can find one of the greatest beach in the world. though its only within the country, i still haven’t really been there. and that’s where i wanna be this summer! i hope! haha… imagine pure powdery white sand, bluest crystal sea water, …. i think the waves are calling out to me. boracay.. one of these days, i’ll be there. =)

what else could beat this!

up next in my destination list.. well actually a second choice if i don’t make it to boracay this summer…. puerto galera. though not as good as boracay, puerto galera would be more accessible from manila and of course lesser the expenses. said to have great dive sites resorts and also great beach!

of course there are also the ones in palawan and in bohol (i have been hearing great great praises for beaches here in and great places to visit). it makes me real proud when tourist name these places paraside beaches. what it could we call it but that. thus my urge to go and visit these places any time soon! i live here but i havent seen these places yet! makes me think i’m really missing half of my life!

panglao beach, bohol…..

so they say… nothing beats philippine beaches, agree! agree!! need i say more? =)

A History of Friendship

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kulang kulang 9 na taon na ang nakakaraan ng unang narining ko ang inyong mga pangalan. dahil sa kayo’y kaibigan ng aking kaibigan, narapat lamang na tayo’y magaka kilakilala. isang maliit na tropa ng magakakaibigang may totoong malasakit sa bawat isa ang naging kabuuan.

kulang kulang 9 na taon na ng mundo nati’y nagulo. sanlibo’t isang kalokohan, kwentuhan, problema, at tawanan ang ating pinagdaanan. Nakita natin sa bawat isa ang hirap, saya at pag ibig na atin kanya kanyang narasanan. bawat problema, walang nag iwan, bawat saya, sama sama. sa ngalan ng pag-ibig? nandyan ang walang kamatayang asaran at kantyawan.

nakita natin bawat pagbabago at pag “mature” (kung nagmature nga) ng bawat isa. mula sa pagiging mapang asar at kawalan ng direksyon ng buhay, naging seryoso at determinado sa pag abot ng kanya kanyang pangarap.

natatandaan nyo pa ba? anong ingay ang nagagawa ng mga nene at totoy na pinagsama sama? may mga mapanuring tingin dahil sa di nila maintindihan ang ating tropa?

naalala nyo pa ba? walang katapusang kwentuhan habang wala ring kaubusan ang ating redhorse? kaya nga nagkaganyan mga tiyan nyo di ba? sa bawat okasyon, simple man o kahit pa walang kwenta, nagiging dahilan para mag usap usap, magkwentuhan at magkaroon ng pagkakataon para maharap harap sa ilang bote ng beer.

noong hawak pa natin ang ating oras at pag aaral lamang ang tanging pinagkakaabalahan? bawat bakasyon sigurado na naman ang swimming at jamming sa amater. kelan kaya mangyayari ulit yun? ngayong may kanya kanya ng buhay at trabaho, may pagkakataon pa kaya gawin ulit ito?

nakakamiss. sana kahit anong problema at pagsubok pa pagdaanan natin, mas maging matatag sana ang ating samahan. wag makakalimutan ang ating mga pinagdaanan. dahil dito mas naging matatag ako. salamat, alam ko kahit anong mangyari nandyan kayo.

How to Control Emotions: The Funny Guide

This would give you guides on how to control your emotions towards your better-half, friends, officemates and all the people around you, especially your “boss” . The rules of practicing “ugaling langit, ugaling kaaya-aya” :
#1 Ang naunang magalit ang may karapatang magalit. Pag naunahan ka na ng galit niya, tumahimik ka na lang muna.
#2 Walang taong nag-aaway mag-isa. Pag hindi kayo sumagot o pumatol, titigil din daw ang taong nakikipag- away sa inyo.
#3 Ang taong galit, ‘bingi.’ If someone is angry, wala raw pinakikinggan, so, don’t try to explain and fight back. Hindi ka niya iintindihin dahil wala siyang naririnig kundi ang sarili nya.
#4 Ang taong galit, ‘abnoy.’ Ayon sa pastor, Biblical daw ito? because the Lord said when He was crucified, “Father, patawarin mo sila dahil hindi nila alam ang kanilang ginagawa.” Modern term for these kinds of people are abnoys, so you better not get angry para huwag kang matawag na abnoy.
You should also know and realize that the persons who make your day bad are jewels, because you need them for you to mature. Hangga’t andyan daw sila at kinaiinisan mo, ibig sabihin, immature ka pa. God will not take away those people; it’s for you to take away your bad feelings towards them. You’ll know na mature ka na pag dumating ‘yung time na hindi ka na naiinis sa mga taong ito because you have learned to accept them and to have patience with them.
#5 Finally, the best part of this is to tell yourself na, because of this person, “I will grow mature,” and that DAHIL SA CONTRIBUTION NIYA SA MATURITY MO, KUKUNIN DIN SYA NI LORD